Is it easy to start a blog?


Hello everyone! 😀

This is my first attempt at writing a blog and I’m super nervous yet excited! I look forward to your feedback.

As I’ve been pondering on what to make my first blog post about for days, I decided what’s better than to talk about WHY I started this blog? I’ve always wanted to start a blog. Connecting with people from around the world has always been a thrilling thought. If you personally know me, you would know how my shy personality holds me back from a lot of opportunities. Through this blog I hope to freely express my thoughts and ideas and also gain confidence 😀

I got inspired by watching daily/weekly vlogs by EatYourKimchi aka Simon and Martina, Stephanie Choi, Nichole Cheng and a lot of other Youtubers. Starting a YouTube channel is definitely on my list but for now, I’ll Start with this blog.

So anyway, I have been planning and working on starting my blog for over a year now. I wouldn’t say it is difficult to start a blog but it sure isn’t easy. Coming up with a name was my biggest challenge. I literally couldn’t come up with anything that I liked. I asked everyone around me for their opinion but I just couldn’t come up with a name. I was devastated! Surely nobody wants their blog to have a weird name. My second dilemma was thinking of a theme for my blog. For those of you wanting to start a blog, trust me on this one, it is SO easy to get carried away with the theme. For instance, you want to start a blog on food but you’re also interested in books and art. Would you write about all three? What would you call your blog then? Is your blog a food blog, a DIY/Art blog or an all-about-books blog? Get my point? That is why after googling the different types of blogs and reading about the ones I found interesting, I stumbled upon ‘Lifestyle blog”. After reading more about what a lifestyle blog is about I was finally ready with a theme for my blog.

Phew. All the hard work is done. Now to the easy stuff……… is what you would think. Did you know making a blog and maintaining it isn’t free of cost? I’m sure most people think starting a blog is free but it isn’t and guess what? Just like you I had no idea! I thought “okay so I’ve come up with a name and theme, all I need to do is make a blog now.” But then I read more about how to start a blog and I realized I needed to pay to start this blog! Fortunately, WordPress lets you start a blog for free but without all the cool features. That really was a bummer, but for a beginner like me I guess it’s okay. I can always update it later.

For anyone interested in starting a blog these are the platforms –

  • (Free version available)
  • Blogger (Free)
  • Tumblr (Free)
  • SquareSpace
  • Google+ (Free)
  • Wix
  • Medium

Anybody interested in knowing more about starting a blog? You can refer to this website –

Thank you for reading. I hope you found my post interesting and informative 😀

Feedback is always accepted.

Until next time. Bye guys!

~Sanjana Singh






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