Easy peasy healthy breakfast 2!


Hello hello πŸ˜€

I’m back with another breakfast bowl idea. Like I mentioned in my first “Easy peasy healthy breakfast”, I eat this 4 times a week without fail. I switch it up with apples, bananas and mangos. This time, I’m gonna show you how I make this easy breakfast bowl using bananas πŸ˜€Β 

What you will need –


  • 2 medium size bananas
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • Halk a cup of milk
  • Cutting board and a kinfe
  • A bowl and a spoon
  • OPTIONAL – a bit of Β cinnamonΒ powder

How to prepare –

  • Peel and chop your bananas into bite size pieces.

FYI – 2 medium sized bananas have 180 calories. The calories vary depending on how many grams your bananas are.

  • Transfer your banana pieces into a bowl and add the sugar to the bowl.

FYI – 1 tsp of sugar has 16 calories.

  • You can now add the milk to the bowl and give it a little stir to melt the sugar particles.

FYI –Β  Half a cup of milk consists of 52 calories. So 2/3rd of a cup is obviously lesser. You can do the math! Here is a fun math question for you xD


The next step is optional.

  • You can add a 1/4 of a tsp of cinnamon powder to your bowl for more flavour. I always do this. It makes my breakfast so much more interesting πŸ˜€


Your breakfast bowl is now ready πŸ˜€ Wasn’t this just as easy as the first one?


I really hope you liked my breakfast bowl idea. Make sure to have breakfast everyday πŸ™‚

See you in my next post, my readers ❀



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