Quick life update :D


Hello everyone 🙂
It’s been a while! I finally, finally, got motivated to put up a post. The past two weeks were quite boring and a lot of thoughts were running through  my mind. I just wasn’t in the mood to write about anything because a) nothing interesting was going on and b) I couldn’t do anything fun or interesting. BUT that’s over now and I’m out of my – curl up in bed and read all day – stage 😀


The first week was all about the preparations for my grandfather’s 1st death anniversary. It was more of a pooja for the 11th month since he passed away. It’s a tradition in India in which for a period of 10-15 days, we worship all the elders who have passed away in our family. This year the pooja happened during the Dussehra holidays. So we travelled to Mysore for the pooja and I got back the same day, but my family decided to stay back for  day or two. They got to see the Dussehra festivities at the Mysore palace.

The second week wasn’t that hectic. In fact, I was really looking forward to the weekend. It was my aunt’s Sangeeth 🙂
For the first time in my life, I danced on stage! I danced with my twin sisters and my aunts. Everyone looked so beautiful and let me tell you, my aunts are stunning and they can totally dance! It was so much fun learning the steps and we put up a really good performance 😀  We learnt the dance steps only a day before the Sangeeth so I feel that we ALL deserve a pat on our shoulder. Hats off to my favourite aunt, Shylaja Singh 😀
She picked the song, choreographed the steps and she was so patient with my sisters and me. We don’t dance….or we thought we couldn’t. Thanks to the encouragement from my beautiful aunts – Swarna, Soundarya (Rakhi) and Shylaja, my sisters and I felt very comfortable and excited too! Initially, I refused to dance but after we tried a few steps I found myself starting to like the whole situation. When someone encourages you, understands that you’re doing a task for the first time and doesn’t loose their temper trying to teach you, it can do wonders. This can really help a person step out of their comfort zone and try new and different things. Things that aren’t difficult for the other person but for you.

I really enjoyed this weekend. It was a great experience for my family and I did complete something from my bucket list 😀

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone. Whatever is waiting outside might not be a bad experience. It might just be one of the best 😀

With this, I’m going to conclude my first life update. Until next time 🙂












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