My Korean drama fascination!

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Hello everybody! 😀

Let me tell you something about myself. I am a devoted Kpop fan! 😀
I love Korean music and I spend most of my time watching Korean dramas, movies and variety shows. I wouldn’t say I’m an addict. I prefer saying I actually genuinely love everything about South Korea 🙂

My fascination for Korean things started off in 2013 when I was 16 years old. A friend of mine from High school introduced me to a South Korean boy band called SHINee. When I first watched their music video for LUCIFER (I’ll leave the link down below) I found their member Key very fascinating. He has this aura and his half bald head was kinda cool, to be honest. It was also the first time I’d seen a guy have such long and perfect hair (Shout out to Taemin!). It’s been five years and I haven’t stopped listening to Korean music and I don’t think I will anytime soon. I can go on and on about the artists and genres I listen to, but that’s for another post.

Let’s get back to the heading! I’m going to list all the Korean Dramas I have watched in the past  5 years and I’ll add a * to the ones I recommend. I hope you will find something that interests you from my list of dramas I have watched. This is a good pass time for anyone who is interested in watching Korean dramas or for someone looking to pass time 😀

  1. To the beautiful you (2012)* tbypost
  2. You who came from the stars / My Love from the Stars(2013)*
  3. Dream High (2011)
  4. Dream High 2 (2012)
  5. Missing You (2013)*
  6. The Heirs (2013)
  7. Rooftop Prince (2012)**
  8. Boys over flowers (2009)
  9. Secret Garden (2010)
  10. Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)***
  11. Pinocchio (2014)*
  12. Healer (2014)*
  13. Emergency Couple (2014)*
  14. Sungkyungwan Scandal (2010)***
  15. You’re all surrounded (2014)
  16. Bride of the Century (2014)*
  17. Innocent Man (2012)
  18. Medical Top Team (2013)* the-moon-that-embraces-the-sun-wallpaper-1
  19. 38 Task Force (2016)
  20. Angry Mom (2015)
  21. Blood (2015)*
  22. Bong Soon – a Cyborg in Love (2016)*
  23. Cheer up! / Sassy Go Go (2015)*
  24. Cinderella and Four Knights (2016)*
  25. Descendants of the Sun (2016)************* 
  26. Doctor Crush / Doctors (2016)*
  27. Dream Knight (Got7) (2015)*
  28. Empress Ki (2013)**** jealousy_incarnate-p1
  29. EXO Next Door (2015)*
  30. I Can Hear Your Voice (2013)*
  31. Jealousy Incarnate (2016)*
  32. Moorim School (2016)
  33. Page Turner (2016)****
  34. Salamander Guru and The Shadows (2012)*
  35. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)*****
  36. Secret Love Affair (2014)
  37. The Girl Who Sees Smells / Sensory Couple (2015)**
  38. Splash Splash Love (2015)*
  39. Spy (2015)
  40. Uncontrollably Fond (2016)w_%eb%8d%94%eb%b8%94%ec%9c%a0_-_poster
  41. Vampire Detective (2016)
  42. W – Two Worlds (2016) 
  43. The K2 (2016)
  44. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016)*
  45. Sweet Stranger and Me (2016)*
  46. Goblin (2016)*****




 Woah. I had no clue I’d watched so many dramas! :O This list took me an hour to make. I have most of these dramas saved on my computer but the old ones took some to remember.
As you can see, I am a true Korean fan 😛 and this is only the beginning to my love for Korean tv shows. I’m soon going to put up a list of Korean TV shows I watch, a List of all the Korean movies I’ve watched and a List of all The Korean musicians/Idols/Artists I follow.

I highly recommend you watch at least one of these dramas when you have nothing else to do or when you’re looking for a new series to (binge) watch 🙂

BTW here is the link to SHINee’s music video for Lucifer –


30 thoughts on “My Korean drama fascination!

      1. Hmm. It’s hard to pick an all time fav… I loved Moon that embraced the Sun a lot for sageuk, Virtual Bride for heartwarming, Achiara’s secret for thriller, Goblin, though unfinished is my best Fantasy so far… It pushed out Gu Family Book. Coffee Prince, Playful Kiss, Queen’s Man and Faith were all favourites…

        I can’t ever choose, whenever I’m asked this question! 😁

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      2. You seem to have watched a lot of dramas just like me 😀
        Moon that Embraces the Sun is still one of my favourites. I feel like it has set the bar very high for all the other historical dramas. Scarlet heart was also really nice. I mean come on, who doesn’t love a handsome cast! 🙂
        Goblin was really good! I have to say the ending was a bit dissappointing. I feel she shouldn’ve been more selfish and saved her own life instead of the kids. Only because she went through so much pain being without Goblin and when he was finally back and everything was just PERFECT she made the biggest mistake.
        Would you suggest Gu Family Book? I haven’t watched it yet. I’ve been putting it off for a long time now. I really like Suzy and Lee Seung gi so I’m thinking if I should give this drama a try.

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      3. Oh really? So it isn’t a happy ending? :O
        I’m a little skeptical with dramas which don’t have happy endings. Look at Scarlet heart for instance. It broke my heart that he was left alone in the end. So many important characters died and so many people left him. It is one of the best kdramas I have watched but the ending really broke my heart….

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  1. I would say Winter Sonata is my favorite starring Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo, it was not my first Korean drama it was my 5th one but I am glad I picked it to watch I just fell in love with the music and the characters. Bae Yong Joon became a favorite Korean actor to watch. I had to play catch up on his film career because he had been acting for a long time. I found a lot of his older tv series on Daily Motion one year and just had a love feast watching his acting he is so talented and has won so many awards for his acting. If you watch his acting you will know why is one of Korea’s top actors, his early work “First Love” is awesome, “Did We Really Love” is breath-taking, “Hotelier” is funny but so serious, “The Legend: Story of the first King’s Four Gods” is amazing and leaves you breathless! I’m a Lee Min Ho fan saw him in “Boys Over Flowers” and just fell in love with his acting and that tv series, anything Lee Min Ho is in I watch like “City Hunter”, “Faith”, “Personal Taste” and “Heirs”. One of the funniest Kdrama’s I love is “Falling From the Stars” it tells the story of a young girl who parents die leaving her to take care of her brothers and sisters and how she does that is working for a man she is in love with he doesn’t know she is hiding her brothers and sisters in his house. “Falling From the Stars” is just hilarious! One of the best written Kdramas I have watched and love the plot is “Royal Family” this stunning drama is a must see! Another funny Kdrama is “My Lovely Sam Soon” with Hyun Bin, Kim Sun-A and Daniel Henney, the girl character is a bit over weight for Korean standard of looking skinny. Another funny kdrama which has become one of my favorites is ” Serect Garden” with Hyun Bin. The list of kdrama’s I have watched is long and there is no stopping me! I also love the OST’s from the kdrama so I am also into the Kpop music. If you love Asian dramas as much as I do then watch the Chinese comedy drama “P.S. Man” it is really funny! I use to watch all my Kdrama’s on Hulu but now you have to pay for it and Hulu has gone to American for me so I watch my Kdrama’s on Dramafever and Viki and a few other Korean drama sites I have found were I can just watch all my kdrama’s for free.

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    1. Oh my. This is one looooong reply 🙂
      You won’t belive this, but I was watching 1 night 2 days yesterday and they were doing missions at the same island where the famous ice kiss scene was shot for Winter Sonata! I’ve actually been thinking about it and I’m going to watch Winter Sonata and Gu family book once my exams get over 😀


  2. Wow.. Amazing… I am also Shawol! and I started loving kpop through them only. My journey being kpopholic began with “stand by me” on Boys over flower… I am crazy in listening to SHINee and see them on reality shows.. Well I do watch Korean dramas a lot… And even I have learned a little bit. Thanks for sharing.. Loved reading your post..

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    1. I think it IS time! 😀
      Did you enjoy Legend of the Blue Sea? Lee Minho and Jun Ji Hyun are amazing actors. But the story line is what makes me hesitate 😛


      1. Yes! I did! Definitely ❤🙈 when it comes to its story line, don’t worry bout it. It’s quite unique actually, i don’t recall any kdramas nowadays that involves a mermaid. Haha


  3. I really see a lot of similarities between your kdrama selection and mine! Keep on watching and writing. I just wanted to know how you avoid copyright infringement of photos in your blog.Thanks in advance.


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