My first review for Handmade soaps by sanjana!


Hey guys!
Take a look at the review for my Handmade soaps. It was written by my favourite aunt πŸ™‚

I hope you will feel more confident in buying my handmade soaps after reading her review πŸ˜€

Being the soap fan that i am, I just love soaps that are handcrafted.Ive tried a lot of soaps and body wash, and i have to say that home made soaps takes the prize! πŸ™‚ They feel so wonderful on my skin and typically, don’t leave my skin feeling dry & flaky.

When i say home made soaps, I mean this particular brand that i recently got to try, Hand Made Soaps By Sanjana. I got a couple of soaps from here and can i just say more than the absolute silk like skin these soaps give you , they also look so so so yummy! i’m not kidding please do take a look at them. I swear there have been times where i almost wanted to eat them! Jokes apart, I was so impressed by the line of products and the variety of soaps she sells! (*including some soaps that look like popsicles!). My favorite soaps were the loofa soaps, i got 2 of them, green apple and strawberry. Its a soap that is merged with a loofa, which i thought was so innovative and not to mention very convenient. As a person who works in a corporate world and long hours, i usually don’t have the time to moisturise my skin on a daily basis and Sanjana’s soaps are my saviors! Ive been using them for about 3 months now and i can confidently say that these soaps have given me better and smoother skin than that of a daily moisturised skin.I also love the way these are packed, the wrapping is so chic and transparent which makes it easier for us to view them without removing the wrapper and the bow + the labels makes them look like bags of candy πŸ™‚ I highly recommend these soaps as its completely chemical free and so well made! My skin has never felt better and they smell like heaven! πŸ™‚ Thanku sanju for making my life and skin better! πŸ™‚ hahah! ❀ much love!
– Shylaja Singh



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